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This FREE 12 Week program is the foundation of many of our contest prep programs.  It is a great resource and program for anyone looking to get on stage.  It really is a 12 week road map to the stage.  You can easily make this a 16-20 week program as well. be extended each phase by 2 weeks.

  • Learn the tips and tricks in our notes on prep.
  • 12 Week Baseline Eat by Color Nutrition Plan with calories and macros.
  • 8 Week Eat by Color Nutrition Plan with calories and macros.
  • 6 Week and 4 Week Eat by Color Nutrition Plans with changes, macros, and calories.
  • Maximize fat loss and lean mass retention every step of the way with suggested supplement plan.
  • 5 Peak Week mistakes sure to wreck your hard work.
  • Top 2 Must do things Peak Week to Crush it contest day. 

This program is worth over $600.00.  It is yours for FREE.  Just cover our cost to ship it to you.  Less than the cost of a burrito at Chipotle!

Lose Pounds and Inches with Eat by Color.  Make better food choices for the rest of your life, Eat by Color will Show you How!  No counting.  Easy as childrens Paint by Number. Get The Most Amazing Book Of All Time!  Start Changing Your Life Today!
For the better part of the last 20 years I have been helping people drop maximal body fat while keeping muscle.  Many have stepped on the competitive contest stage.  Some have won big and been in magazines. To say it is rewarding to help clients look better than they ever have is an understatement.  Watching their self esteem and confidence soar is equally rewarding.
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For some reason even with technology and social media there are still so many struggling to get in stage or look great in a bathing suit shape.  I have no idea why this is so.  I still see people doing hours of cardio, eating only a few hundred calories.  Worse are the number of people that wear the bikini badge of misery on their shoulder like it is a prize.  It is not a prize it is stupid.

Prep does not have to be flat out miserable.  Building a body that you can comfortably wear a bathing suit on should be not miserable.  Sure you are going to have to train and pay more attention to nutrition.  That is a far cry from misery though.

To give people a look at what a real program looks like we are giving it away FREE.  Look awesome in a 2 piece or bring your best to the stage.  This 12 Week program will help you out. Take them and put them to use.
meet the COACH behind the book and Program
Raymond M. Binkowski
My name is Ray, and I LOVE helping people drop pounds and inches.  I am the founder of all the cool stuff that you'll find inside of the book! I am the former fat guy, trainer, gym owner, and author interested in helping others reach their health, wellness and weightloss goals.  

There is nothing more frustrating that trying to drop pounds and inches only to plateau or worse losing weight only to gain it back.  

It does not have to be that way.  Eat by Color is a simple approach you can do the rest of your life!  Easy as children's paint by number.

Here is what a lot of people think about Ray, his book "Eat by Color" and that his coaching really works and works well!!!
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Want to teach your body to BURN calories, not store them? That is the key. Eat By Color reveals these secrets and more in a quick, easy, enjoyable read.
Review By Donna
I set out in this journey 35 days ago and I have lost 24 lbs.
Amazon Verified Purchase Review
Eat by color has helped me get to the next level in my workouts. By the end of the program I had lost 4% body fat, gained 25 pounds of muscle, and lost about 10 pounds of fat.
Amazon Review

No more muffin top.

Paula Pogue

Simple and to my surprise that is why it works so well.

Travis Karr

A Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology didn't come close to teaching me as much as Ray did. I was able to eat more food than before and lean out faster than I ever imagined!

Kelsey Sobol

I am a very simple man. I like easy. This works for my busy lifestyle and provides me with championship level results in bodybuilding without time consuming cardio. 

Chad Forrester
What's in eat by color •
Sample Pages •
There are some of the incredibly interesting and thought provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this book. I wanted to show you some of my favourite stuff here!
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • Sample meal plan and the info to build your own meal plan forever.   The best part you will learn to eat more of the foods you like and lose weight.
  • What about fast food, eating at restaurants and being busy? I give you the tips and tricks to survive the craziest schedule and never be hungry. 
  • The one last cool thing should go here and then we'll be done with this section!  Isn't it nice to plug in all of the content like this? 
Page 10. Why it is not just calories but insulin preventing fat loss.
Page 33. I ONLY share this metabolism raising secret with people who read page 33.
Page30. On this page, I give you a meal plan and instructions to build your own.
Appendix A. Six pages that will change your life.  Seriously, the girl that cuts my hair lost over 40 lbs with the info on the first page alone.
What are you waiting for?  Look good and be confident and comfortable in any outfit, even a bathing suit!  This program is NOT just for competitors.  We typically sell contest prep program like this for hundreds of dollars a month.  Pay shipping and handling and it is your FREE!  Head back to the Order Form. If you want the programs  now then click on the button below!
Raymond M. Binkowski- Eat by Color - Copyright @ 2012 - all rights reserved #EatbyColor @eatbycolor
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